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Instructional Query: New To Brand Customers
Instructional Query: New To Brand Customers

Learn more about the New To Brand Customers query and how to leverage it through Intentwise Explore (AMC).

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What are instructional queries?

Amazon Marketing Cloud's (AMC) instructional queries provide pre-written SQL code that AMC users can use as is or modify for common measurement and analytics tasks.

New To Brand Customers

The New To Brand Customers query is designed to help you understand the impact of your advertising campaigns in terms of reaching new-to-brand (NTB) customers. By analyzing the data, you can determine how many of your customers who made a purchase were new to your brand, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

In this example, the query results show that the sponsored products campaign attracted the highest percentage of NTB customers (60.93%) out of all the campaigns analyzed, indicating its effectiveness in reaching new audiences. The NTB revenue for sponsored products is 73.88% of the total revenue, as shown below.

To use this query, you'll need data from the amazon_attributed_events_by_conversion_time table, which includes conversion types such as detail page views, add to cart, and purchases. The query returns the count of all customers who made a purchase, the count of NTB customers, and the percentage of NTB customers for each campaign and advertiser.

For more information, refer to our data model.

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