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Instructional Query: Time to Conversion

Learn more about the Time to Conversion instructional query and how to leverage it through Intentwise Explore (AMC).

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What are instructional queries?

Amazon Marketing Cloud's (AMC) instructional queries provide pre-written SQL code that AMC users can use as is or modify for common measurement and analytics tasks.

Time to Conversion

The Time to Conversion query helps you understand how long it takes your customers to make a purchase after being exposed to your ads. By analyzing the time intervals between ad exposure and purchase, you can gain insights into the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and adjust your strategies to maximize sales.

For example, the query results show that a majority of purchases (around 8.3k for various campaign types) occur seven days after the customer's last exposure to the ad. This insight can be valuable for optimizing your advertising campaigns, as it indicates the critical window for driving conversions. You can also use this information to adjust the duration and timing of your campaigns to better align with your customers' purchasing behavior.

To use this query effectively, you'll need to have data from the amazon_attributed_events_by_conversion_time table, which reports conversions up to 14 days after the customer's last exposure to your ad. The query returns the purchase amount for each campaign and advertiser broken down by the time it took for the conversion to occur.

For more information, refer to our data model.

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