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Instructional Query: Custom Attribution Linear Touch
Instructional Query: Custom Attribution Linear Touch

Learn about the Custom Attribution Linear Touch query and its applications on Intentwise Explore (AMC).

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What are instructional queries?

Amazon Marketing Cloud's (AMC) instructional queries provide pre-written SQL code that AMC users can use as is or modify for common measurement and analytics tasks.

Custom Attribution Linear Touch

The Custom Attribution Linear Touch query provides insights into all the touchpoints of a customer throughout a campaign period. It distributes credit equally among all touchpoints, offering insights into the effectiveness of various channels in attracting and converting customers.

The query furnishes detailed metrics for each campaign, such as impressions, clicks, user reach, conversions, conversion rate, total units sold, and total product sales. For instance, it shows that a particular campaign achieved a high conversion rate (3.9% as shown below), indicating its effectiveness in engaging customers at various touchpoints. These insights can guide your advertising strategies and resource allocation, optimizing your campaigns for better results.

To effectively use this query, you'll need data from multiple ad campaigns, including tables like dsp_impressions, dsp_clicks, sponsored_ads_traffic, and conversions_with_relevance. Customization options allow you to tailor the query based on your campaign types, conversion metrics, lookback windows, and traffic qualifications, ensuring the insights align with your specific requirements.

For more information, refer to our data model.

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