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Inventory Overview Dashboard
Inventory Overview Dashboard

Our Inventory Overview Dashboard is a valuable tool that helps with inventory and ads management. Here's what you need to know about it.

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Inventory Overview Dashboard Explained

The Inventory Overview Dashboard provides visibility into your inventory data on the Intentwise platform. This provides valuable insights into inventory levels, units sold in the last 30 days, logistics-related information, etc. It enables you to make informed decisions about PPC advertising strategies, inventory management, and fulfillment operations to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

Marketplace Availability: Inventory Overview dashboard is available for North America and FBA sellers.

Getting Started with Inventory Overview Dashboard

The Inventory Overview dashboard empowers you with the necessary information to make inventory-based decisions when managing ads. This way you get a holistic view of your inventory status and ease out ad management for low or no inventory ASIN.

You can find the Inventory Overview dashboard in the left menu.

In the dashboard, you will find key metrics like Inventory stock alerts by ASIN and SKU. It shows you their ad status, the last seven days of ad spend, and units sold in the last 30 days. It also shows you if there is any inventory in the fulfillment center transit or in processing and inbound.

How to use Inventory Overview dashboard?

1. Pause ads for low stock/out of stock inventory

You can select the ASIN with low or no inventory by clicking the check box and "Pause all ads" tab. This way, all the campaigns will be paused where this ASIN is present.

2. Enable ads for in-stock inventory

Once the inventory of a particular ASIN is back in stock, you can enable the paused ads by pressing the "Enable all ads" tab. This helps you enable all the campaigns where that ASIN is present simultaneously.

When is the Inventory dashboard updated?

It is updated daily, so you get the latest picture of the inventory status. You can find the last updated date and time on the top right.

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