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Sub-Brands Dashboard and Campaign Sub-Brand Mapping
Sub-Brands Dashboard and Campaign Sub-Brand Mapping

This article will help you understand how to classify Campaigns/DSP Orders and Products and facilitate these for reporting and analysis.

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Sub-Brands Explained

Sub-brands are useful to categorize and classify different aspects of a company, such as campaigns, DSP orders and products. Sub-brands essentially serve as a way to create distinct segments within a larger brand, allowing for better organization, reporting, and analysis.

Getting Started with Sub-Brands

Sub-brands are further classified into Sub-Brands and Campaign Sub-Brands mapping. You will find it under Global Setting >> Sub-Brands and Campaign Sub-Brand mapping

Adding Sub-Brands

The user can add/create a Sub-Brand by clicking on "Add Sub-Brand". Multiple sub-brands can be added and separated by a new line.

User should make sure the Campaigns/DSP orders that they wish to tag to the Sub-brand must have that specific keyword in their naming convention. This way the campaigns/ DSP orders having the same keywords will be automatically tagged to a specific Sub Brands.

Users can add the Sub-Brands contains logic in two ways:

1. Inline edit option

2. Bulk Upload option

Inline edit option- The user can add keywords with the contains logic by clicking on the pencil icon next to the specific Sub-Brands.

Bulk Upload option- The user has to download a file and provide the keywords to specific Sub-Brands with a contains logic so any campaign/ DSP order having the same keyword is tagged to a specific Sub-Brand.

Campaign Sub-Brand Mapping

If the Campaigns/DSP orders are not following the proper naming convention then the user can map the Campaigns/DSP orders to the respective Sub-Brands in this tab. This can be done in two ways-

  1. Inline Edit Option

  2. Bulk Upload Option

Inline Edit Option- Once the Sub-Brands are added the user can also map campaigns to Sub Brands by clicking on the pencil icon next to the Sub-Brand column

Bulk upload Option- The user can map the Campaigns/DSP Orders to the respective Sub-Brands through Bulk upload as well.

Note: One Sub-Brand can be tagged to several campaigns, but one campaign cannot be tagged to several Sub-Brand.

Use cases of Sub-Brands Mapping

Once the sub-brand mapping is done, we can leverage sub-brand segregation under the following:

Sponsored Ads

Users can leverage the Sub-Brands in the campaign dashboard under filters, and also view respective Sub Brands aggregated performance in Roll ups. Users can also set rules and alerts around Sub-Brands.

Intentwise Analytics Cloud

Intentwise facilitates Sub-brand classification or reporting and analysis purposes.

Users can build custom reports with our e-commerce graph by leveraging Sub Brands and Sub Brands mapping data. Sub-brand mapping for the campaigns is also available as a table under the Campaign Summary.

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