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Add Instructional or Custom Queries to Instances
Add Instructional or Custom Queries to Instances

Read this article to learn how to use the Queries tab to add instructional or custom queries easily.

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Queries Explained

The Queries screen is your central hub for all things related to queries. Choose from predefined queries or run multiple simultaneously across instances. Schedule in advance or request custom queries—Intentwise Explore caters to your every need. Leverage pre-built or customize for unique requirements.

Query Library

Here, you’ll find an exhaustive list of instructional queries from the Amazon Marketing Cloud Console and custom queries. These custom queries can be meticulously crafted from scratch by our expert team or fine-tuned from existing queries to suit specific use cases. You can choose queries and schedule them at a frequency of your choosing.

Choose queries, set frequencies, schedule with precision, and assign labels to streamline your query management. All your selected queries find a home in the 'My Queries' tab for easy access and monitoring.

Input Parameters

AMC queries are SQL queries behind the scenes. If you want to run a query with specific input parameters, you can do so within each query, and it will be used when the AMC SQL query is executed.

Request a custom query

Should you not find an ideal query, please click the link, complete the form, and specify your use case. Our team will create a custom query tailored to your objectives.

My Queries

Navigate to the 'My Queries' section for a comprehensive overview of all your queries. You can add queries by clicking the ‘Add Query’ button.

Once integrated, effortlessly monitor each query's date range, frequency, status, and more. You can also access and edit the Settings from this page.

Access and edit settings directly from this centralized hub, simplifying your query management process.

Query Results

Certain queries may take hours to populate, but with Intentwise Explore, you can schedule them in advance, ensuring your data is ready when needed.

Want to explore more? Learn about our pre-built templates and reports for Amazon Marketing Cloud datasets.

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