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Templates & Insights: Pre-Built Visualizations
Templates & Insights: Pre-Built Visualizations

Learn about the Templates and Insights Dashboard to use pre-built reports and dashboards for your queries.

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Templates & Insights Dashboard Explained

With Intentwise Explore, you can find pre-built templates and reports for Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) datasets. Access a library housing ready-to-use templates for personalization and embedded dashboards meticulously crafted for AMC.

Dashboard Templates

Within the Dashboard Templates, you'll find a library of pre-built templates to make your visualization/analysis easier. These customizable templates cater to your specific reporting needs, allowing seamless data exportation into your preferred visualization tool.

  1. Preview and Use Template

    Gain a sneak peek of templates through a PDF preview with demo data. Click the "Use Template" button to deploy the template of your choice.

  2. List of available templates:

    • Path to Conversion

      Uncover your customers' buying journey to enhance campaign performance. This instructional query identifies the most popular path customers take before converting.

    • New to Brand Customers

      Assess the impact of campaigns in reaching new-to-brand (NTB) customers. This instructional query quantifies the percentage of customers exposed to ads who are NTB customers. Specifically, it answers the question: Of all customers exposed to ads and purchased, how many and what percentage of them are NTB customers?

    • ASIN Purchase Overlap Upsell

      Identify products (ASINs) purchased together, aiding in targeting remarketing campaigns for previous purchasers. This instructional query helps you identify the products (ASINs) often purchased together.

    • DSP Campaign Performance by Geo

      Evaluate campaign KPIs by country, state, and/or DMA levels, with postal code breakdowns if user thresholds permit. KPIs by postal code are available if there are at least 100 distinct users per row since postal code is a highly sensitive field.

    • NTB Gateway ASINs

      Evaluate promoted ASINs' ability to attract new customers, pinpointing top ASINs that bring in the most new-to-brand customers. This instructional query enables you to identify the ASINs that bring in the most new-to-brand customers for a brand.

    • Sponsored Ads - DSP Overlap

      Measure the impact of running campaigns using multiple ad products, analyzing 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way overlap. Specifically, this instructional query can be used to analyze the impact on ad-attributed purchase rates when shoppers are exposed to Display, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brands, or any combination of aforementioned ad products.

Insights Dashboard

With AMC's massive datasets, visualizing outputs is not always easy. That's where the Insights Dashboard comes in. It contains ready-to-use embedded dashboards that can be accessed with a single click.

Explore various reports for your queries with our pre-built dashboards. Let's say you want to explore the Path to Purchase report.

You can select the account, date range, filter performance by paths, and export the report.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the Insights dashboard empty?

    Check to see if you have a Query running. Learn more about Queries here.

  • Why can't I see data in the Insights dashboard anymore?

    Check the frequency of your Queries. One-time runs will only show data during the date range you requested.

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