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Restatement in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)
Restatement in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

Read this article to understand restatement in AMC and discover how Intentwise Explore makes the process easier for you.

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What is Restatement?

Restatement is the process of replacing or overwriting previous data partitions in conversions and traffic tables. This happens under the following circumstances:

  • Order Returns: Conversion data is updated when an order is returned.

  • Traffic Invalidations: Traffic data is replaced when invalid traffic is detected.

Restatements occur at regular intervals of 1, 7, 14, and 28 days after a conversion. During each restatement, the traffic and conversion data are updated based on the latest attribution logic. This can result in changes to sales or spend numbers with each iteration.

Restatement in AMC and Amazon Ads Console

Restatement is not exclusive to AMC; it also occurs in the Amazon Ads console. AMC receives data from the same upstream sources, meaning that AMC data can show variances for up to 30 days from the current date due to ongoing restatements.

Understanding Restatement Through an Example

Consider a shopper who placed an order on January 1, 2024. The restatement process for this order would be as follows:

  • January 1: Initial attribution is run based on the available traffic, and a campaign gets credit for the purchase.

  • January 2 (1st day restatement): Attribution is rerun based on updated traffic and conversion events, considering traffic invalidations and returns.

  • January 8 (1st week restatement): The process is repeated, updating data based on new information.

  • January 15 (2nd week restatement): Another iteration is performed, further refining the data.

  • January 29 (4th week restatement): The final restatement for this period is executed.

Each restatement reruns the attribution logic on the same conversion events as the previous days, updating traffic and conversion data accordingly. Updated numbers will be available when queried via AMC.

Advantage with Intentwise AMC Explore

Intentwise AMC Explore simplifies the restatement process:

  • Automated Restatements: Managed for every query without any additional settings.

  • Consistent Settings: Each rerun uses the same settings as the initial execution.

  • Updated Data Access: Latest data is available via the Insights dashboard or IAC data pipelines after each restatement rerun.

By using Intentwise AMC Explore, you can ensure your data is always accurate and up-to-date without needing to manage restatements manually.

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