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Enable/Disable Auto-Apply Bid Recommendations
Enable/Disable Auto-Apply Bid Recommendations

Read this article to learn how to bid recommendations can be auto-applied without manual intervention on the Intentwise platform

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With the Intentwise platform, you can automate applying bid recommendations to your campaigns. What this means is any bid recommendations that the platform generates will be automatically applied to your campaign without you having to intervene manually.
โ€‹Remember, bid recommendations are generated only for campaigns that have a Target ACOS. If you have not set any Target ACOS for your campaigns, click here.

  • To start, navigate to the Campaign tab within the Sponsored Ads section on the left menu

  • Select the campaigns you want to which you wish to Auto-Apply bid recommendations

  • Click on Edit>Auto Apply

  • Select Enable Auto Apply Bid Recommendations to automate bid optimizations. To disable or turn off Auto Apply Bid Recommendations, select "Disable Auto Apply Bid Reco."

  • Once applied, the Campaigns will appear with a checkbox in the Auto Apply column, which signifies Auto Apply is enabled. If the checkbox is empty, this mean Auto Apply is not turned on.

Watch this video for detailed steps:

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