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Creating Dayparting Automation Rules
Creating Dayparting Automation Rules

Read this article if you want to create hourly or day parting automation rules for your accounts on the Intentwise platform

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If you're interested in creating dayparting rules, where you can increase/decrease your bids or enable/disable campaigns, follow the steps below. If you need help with creating Automated Rules in general, read this article first.

Below, I will walk you through a few options:

  • Dayparting rule for decreasing bids

  • Dayparting rule for increasing bids

  • Weekly Dayparting rules for enabling/disabling campaigns

RULE 1 - Decreasing Bids

  1. In the last section of creating your rule, you'll have a chance to set the Start Time and the option to Undo the action. In the example below, we're decreasing our bid by 50% from 1am to 10am.

    *Please note that this example is for all campaigns, you'll need to add your Criteria's specific to your strategy.

  2. By checking the Undo option at 10am, we're telling the system to undo the action previous action.

RULE 2 - Increasing Bids

  1. Here's an example of where we are increasing bids by 20% between 11am to 3pm. If you do not check the UNDO option, this rule will execute on a daily frequency by 20% until you hit your max bid of $4.

Rule 3 - Weekly Dayparting Rules

If you would like to set dayparting rules for specific days, i.e. enabling or disabling campaigns, set the Frequency to Weekly and select your days.

In this case, from Monday - Friday 5am to 6pm, we're enabling campaigns. between 6:01pm to 4:59am, the campaigns will be disabled.

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