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Hourly Metrics: Amazon Marketing Stream and Budget Consumption
Hourly Metrics: Amazon Marketing Stream and Budget Consumption

Learn about Amazon Marketing Stream data, how to enable it, its features, and FAQs, as well as how to use the budget consumption tab.

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Amazon Marketing Stream Explained

Amazon Marketing Stream (AMS) or Hourly Metrics provides hourly performance data by keyword, including details such as targeting performance by placement and budget consumption. This data can help you optimize your campaigns more effectively and respond quickly to any performance changes.

AMS is free of cost and currently available only on a request basis.

Availability: Intentwise Ad Optimizer and Intentwise Analytics Cloud.

Getting Started with Amazon Marketing Stream

Amazon Marketing Stream For Intentwise Ad Optimizer

  1. Request AMS: To enable it for your account, message us via mail or chat specifying the account name. The data populates in around 24 hours. There will be no historical data; you will start receiving data once AMS is enabled.

  2. Navigation: Once enabled, the data will be under the Hourly Metrics dashboard in the left Navigation menu.

Note: AMS data is available for all marketplaces. The data would be in the same local time zone as the account.

Amazon Marketing Stream For Intentwise Analytics Cloud

To get the AMS data in your desired reporting destination, such as Looker Data Studio, Power BI, and Tableau, follow the below steps:

  1. Request AMS: Get AMS enabled for the required accounts by contacting us by email or chat.

  2. Add Data Source: Add the accounts as data sources by navigating to Intentwise Analytics Cloud > My Connections > Amazon Marketing Stream.

  3. Enable: Select the accounts and click on Enable.

  4. Add data destination: Ensure that the desired data destination is added. For example, if you want the data in Looker Data Studio, ensure it is enabled.

    After connecting your data sources for the first time, the data will usually take 24 hours to reflect in your data destination.

Note: Updates are made once per day at 10:30 AM PST for Intentwise Analytics Cloud users.

Amazon Marketing Stream Features

  • Choose Metrics: Traffic and conversion data are summarized hourly. Performance Metrics will show Conversion Rate, Conversion, Clicks, Impressions, Spend, and Average CPC data.

  • Apply Filters: Analyze the hourly data by campaigns, campaign type, keywords, match type, ASIN, and Placement Type.

  • Change date range: Data is available for Today, Yesterday, the Last 7, 14, 30 and 60 days and special events like Prime Days and Black Fridays.

  • Average time in budget metrics: In the Campaigns dashboard, you can access an additional column for average time in budget metrics. This shows the average of the selected time frame and can also be used in rules and alerts once AMS is enabled for your account.

  • Attribution Window: The data displayed is based on the 14-day attribution window. Other attribution windows, such as 1-day, 7-day, and 30-day, are available through Intentwise Analytics Cloud.

  • Conversion data: Total conversion is displayed, but SKU Conversion data is available through Intentwise Analytics Cloud.

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Budget Consumption

Understanding your budget consumption empowers you to make informed decisions about your campaign spending, ensuring efficient budget management and success.

Navigate to the Budget Consumption tab to access:

  • List of campaigns that today have already spent 80% or more of their daily budget as default.

  • List of campaigns that ran out of budget yesterday.

  • Filter the campaigns for their percentage of the used budget.

Budget data is updated in near real-time, specifically for every 5% change increment. This will allow you to monitor out-of-budget campaigns and to increase the budget as necessary for tentpole events such as Prime Day, Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can't I see historical data?

    This data from Amazon is push-only and can only be accessed after enabling it for an account. If AMS has just been enabled, choose 'Today' as the date range to view the data.

  • Why do I see negative values for the first few days of data?

    Negatives are corrections from Amazon’s click and conversion validation process. You might see negative values for the first couple of days because there wasn't any original traffic, only corrections. Ignore these negative values initially. Learn more.

  • Why am I receiving null records?

    You can disregard these rows; they are expected and will not affect the data as they aggregate to 0.

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