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Grant Access to Existing Instances or Request New
Grant Access to Existing Instances or Request New

Read this article to learn how to add and manage Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) instances to Intentwise Explore.

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Instances Explained

The Instances screen has all your instance-related information. Whether you need to add your existing instance(s) or request a new one, this screen allows you to manage and review your instances seamlessly.

Availability: Intentwise Explore (AMC)

Connecting Instances to Intentwise Explore

To get started with Intentwise Explore, you must grant access to your existing instances or request new ones. You can do that by navigating to Intentwise Explore > Instances.

There are two options for adding instances on Intentwise Explore:

  1. Authorize access to an existing instance

  2. Create new instance

Let's take a look at both.

Authorize Access to an Existing Instance

Steps for authorizing access to an existing instance:

  1. Add Instance: Click on 'Add Instance'

  2. Fill out the form: Complete the provided form by selecting 'Yes' and granting authorization to Intentwise. This action will prompt the Amazon account login screen.

  3. Grant access: Log in to your Amazon account and provide the necessary access permissions.

Note: Once you've authorized Intentwise to access the instance, you don't need to repeat this process to add more instances that fall under the same AMC account. If you want to add more instances later, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or via chat.

Create New Instance

If you don't have an instance, you can request a new one by following these steps:

  1. Add Instance: Click on ‘Add Instance’

  2. Fill out the form that appears right after you click Add Instance. It'll ask you for the following details:

    1. Amazon advertiser name

    2. Agency/Organization name

    3. Account type

    4. Sponsored ads entity ID (SPA Entity ID starts with ENTITYxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

    5. Attach SPA Entity ID screenshot

    6. DSP CFID

    7. Attach DSP CFID screenshot

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Filters and Other Capabilities

You can easily manage your Instances using filters and other capabilities, such as:

  • Filter Instances by name or status (enabled, paused, archived).

  • Export your Instance list as a CSV or Excel file.

  • Customize your table view by clicking on 'Columns.'

Added your instances? Let us now learn how to activate Queries.

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