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Campaigns: Intentwise Managed Autonomous Campaigns
Campaigns: Intentwise Managed Autonomous Campaigns

Read this article to learn how to use the Campaigns dashboard to create Intentwise Managed Autonomous Campaigns for your account.

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Campaigns Dashboard Explained

The Campaigns dashboard helps you manage your campaigns by analyzing performance charts, creating campaigns, taking bulk actions, using roll ups, and more.


With charts (or tables), you can measure relevant metrics for a desired period (daily, weekly, or monthly). You can easily customize it to track metrics like spend, revenue, impressions, ACOS, avg. CPC and more.

Creating new campaigns

You can create two types of campaigns: Self-managed and autonomous campaigns. Autonomous Campaigns are single ASIN campaigns for which Intentwise manages all aspects of campaigns, starting from harvesting rules (Keyword and ASIN) to bid recommendations.

Difference between Self-Managed and Autonomous Campaigns

Self-Managed Campaigns

Autonomous Campaigns

You can create multiple ASIN Campaign Types

Single ASIN campaigns are created for each selected Campaign Type

You manage all aspects of the campaign execution yourself.

Intentwise manages all aspects of the campaign i.e., harvesting rules and bid management.

Creating Autonomous Campaigns

Watch this video to learn how you can create autonomous campaigns.


Using Roll Ups

You can use the roll up feature to see the aggregated performance on a portfolio, campaign type, label, or sub-brand level. This helps analyze campaign performance on different levels.

Applying Filters

You can apply filters to identify areas of improvement. For example, you could filter campaigns where the bid strategy is Dynamic bids - up and down. You can then select all the campaigns and use the top bar to edit the bid strategy to Dynamic bids - down only or Fixed bids.

You can also save your desired filters and create alerts. Learn more about using alerts.

Performing bulk actions

You can select multiple campaigns to edit, pause, archive, or label in bulk. You can also update your daily budget for individual campaigns directly from this screen.

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