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Getting Started with Intentwise Advertising
Getting Started with Intentwise Advertising

Just signed up for an Advertising account, here is what to do next to set up your account for success.

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We're glad you signed up. With Intentwise, you have access to our Ad Optimization & Analytics Cloud. Simply put, this will empower sellers, brands, and agencies with recommendations, automation, competitive intelligence, and simplified reporting for Amazon, Instacart, Target, and more.

Watch the Getting Started Overview & Setup video

This will cover all the basics and setups needed so you can take full advantage of Intentwise. For high-resolution viewing, click on the cog icon and change the quality to 1080p in the video.


After you watched the video, don't forget your list of action items. We make it easy for you to set up with the links provided. Additional help videos can be found in our academy.

  1. Setup campaign-level Target ACoS here* - Learn more.

  2. Setup Custom Product Attributes here* - Learn how to set up Custom Product Attributes here.

  3. Setup Brand Terms here* - Learn how to set up Brand Terms here.

  4. Setup Share of Voice here*

  5. Setup Content Analytics here.

  6. Setup Budget Pacing here - Learn more.

  7. Connect additional Vendor Central and Seller Central Accounts. This will allow Intentwise to include organic sales data and calculate total ACoS and revenue.

  8. Add users here.

* required for Recommendation.


Here are the next steps if you're ready to graduate from 101. Additional help videos can be found here.

  1. Set up Automation Rules here - Learn more.

  2. Setup Alerts here - Learn more.

  3. Setup Labels - Learn more

  4. Set up Saved Filters - Learn more.

  5. Set up Roll-ups - Learn more.

  6. Setup Hourly Metrics (Amazon Marketing Stream/ Retail Analytics):

  7. Setup Inventory Dashboard here. Learn more

  8. Examine Contribution to Change here.

STEP 3 - Still need help?

No worries, few options for you to connect with us.

  1. Click on the chat icon at the bottom right of your window for the quickest response.

  2. Email, you can contact us at [email protected].

  3. Schedule an online meeting here and let us know how we can help before the call.

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